Speech on Behalf of the Co-Chancellor of the Commonwealth University

Speech on Behalf of the Co-Chancellor of the Commonwealth University

Distinguished guests, graduands, ladies and gentlemen; it is my great honour as on behalf of the Chancellor of Commonwealth University to open this graduation and awards ceremony.

The Commonwealth University was founded in 2005 as a new model of University, a University designed for the 21st Century. A university in which students and faculty would be partners, a university that upheld traditional standards but used new modes of learning.

Our vision was for a democratic university, an open university, and international university, a university without barriers, a university that embraced corporate and professional values.

Let us review a few of our achievements over the years:

  • UNESCO Endorsement of our programmes
  • Accredited for CMC Certification of the ICMCI
  • Accredited by International Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (QAHE)
  • Dual Degree Partnership with UNESCO Listed Universities and we would like to specially thank Dr Ricardo Saavedra and Brian Saavedra from Azteca University for making this happen.
  • Procurement of permanent site in London
  • We successfully established training destinations in London, Dubai, Switzerland, California, Addis Ababa, Ghana, Cotonou and South Africa.
  • In 2016 we established the St Clements & Commonwealth University College in Cotonou Benin Republic. The University College is fully accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education Benin Republic and the first set of students who were admitted for Bachelor of Science in Business Administration have successfully completed their degree program after four (4) years of studies.

Graduands, I congratulate you for being part of the Commonwealth University success story. The seminar of the last 3 days has continued this success and demonstrated international reach of our university. You have performed with distinction during this seminar. Commonwealth University is proud of you and we hope you are proud of yourselves and proud of this great university. Let us celebrate your achievement this evening.

We are honouring a number of delegates with Honorary Degrees. The Commonwealth University recognizes individuals who make notable contributions to their society for the honorary doctorate degree. The individuals to be conferred today are people who by their achievements, have contributed to better their society, through their profession, arts, humanities, science, or service.

We would read out the full citations and in handing out your awards, we would mention the specific award for which you have been recognized.

Once again, thank you very much and we hope that you will be great ambassadors of this university.



Prof Dilip Nandkeolyar

July 28, 2022




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