Faculty Members

Dr. Angelo Kehayas

Dr Angelo Kehayas is the CEO of ProfWeb, a consulting, coaching and training company. Angelo has been accredited as a leadership, performance and business coach and NLP practitioner. He is a supervisory coach and faculty member of the SA College of Applied Psychology, associate faculty for the Gordon Institute of Business Science and Cornerstone university. Angelo has extensive management, IT, consulting, facilitation, training, coaching, change and programme management experience in large and small organisations. He is the Executive Director of the Institute of Management Consultants and Master Coaches of South Africa. Angelo actively been involved with the setting of standards in the profession internationally for 22 years.

Prof. Dr. David Iornem

Prof. Dr. David Iornem is a management consultant, university teacher and author of international standing whose works have appeared in Management in Nigeria, the authoritative journal of the Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM) Chartered. He had a successful career with Unilever and with the Nigerian breweries in the Marketing divisions of the respective companies. He has held appointive and elective public offices including being Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Prof. David Iornem is an Accredited Management Trainer. He has authored over 30 books. Among which are Guide to International Management Consultancy published by Kogan Page, London, How to Be a Good Manager in 10 Minutes (JVC Press, Nigeria) and How to Start and Manage Your Own Business (JVC Press, Nigeria). He is a Professor of Management Science with Business University of Costa Rica. He has taught Management, Marketing, Human Resource Management and other related management courses at several universities including Ahmadu Bello University (Nigeria), Kaduna Polytechnic (Nigeria), Union University Institute (USA), London Graduate School (UK), Commonwealth University (London Center), St. Clements University Turks and Caicos and Ecole Superieure University Cotonou (Benin Republic). Prof. David Iornem won the American National Award in 2016 – The President’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

Prof Dilip Nandkeolyar

Prof. (Dr) Dilip Nandkeolyar an alumnus of Asian Institute of Management Manila Philippines, Prof. (Dr.) Dilip Nandkeolyar is a Management post graduate, specialized in Marketing and Strategic Planning & is a B.Sc. (Hons) in Chemistry. He has a Doctoral degree from Thapar University, Patiala.   The topic of his thesis was “Marketing Strategies and Business Planning amongst Small and Medium Enterprises in this era of Globalization with special reference to Automotive Sector”
Beginning November 15, 1976, Dr. Nandkeolyar has had varied hands-on, bottom-up combined professional experience of over 43 years in the field in Industry, Consulting, Research, Training and Teaching. His exposure has been in both domestic and international professional environments – having been a Manager and various level for over 31 years of which 22 have been at the Senior/Top Levels. He has been deeply involved in career planning and development of his team mates, in a variety of cross functional and multi-racial workforce, both within India and abroad as the key factor in ensuring organizational success. It may be pertinent to add in his working career after 1984 that Dr. Nandkeolyar has always been a part of the core teams that contributed to turning around organizations either as a direct employee of a Company or as a business consultant to for-profit/not-for-profit Organizations.
Besides actively being involved in Research, Training and Consulting activities in the SMEs sector, he has a teaching experience of nearly 13 years in a variety of B-Schools across the country. His areas of interest are Entrepreneurship and SMEs Development, Business Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Retailing, Rural Marketing, Service Marketing and Branding.

Dr. Nandkeolyar has until recently been a Professor at Christ (deemed to University) at the Lavasa Campus. He has written several research papers, case studies and book chapters published in National/International Journals. Besides having hosted national and international Conferences, Dr. Nandkeolyar has also participated in several National and International Conferences and has been awarded several times for his works. Dr. Nandkeolyar is a regular keynote speaker in conferences and seminar, besides having been a panelist on several occasions and has conducted a few workshops relating the Entrepreneurship, Strategy and Branding.

In his free time, Dr. Nandkeolyar likes to listen to music, watch films and generally socialize with friends and family. Occasionally, he writes short stories and poems, which have been published.

The guiding philosophy behind all the endeavors of Dr. Nandkeolyar has always been to succeed because his Employers, Peers, Subordinates, Customers, Clients, Students/Trainees or anyone choosing to associate with him must – by delivering value plus.

Ms. Sadiksha Rai

Sadiksha is a Business Analyst. She holds an MBA graduate of University of Wales Institute Cardiff, UK and a Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies from the London School of Commerce. She is a certified management consultant and part of her role in the education sector, is to help organisations improve on business performance through capacity building courses. She uses her business skills to provide objective advice and expertise to help clients to develop specialist skills.

Professor Zacharys Gundu

Professor Gundu is the Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of the Benue State University. He is the immediate past Head of the Department of Archaeology at Nigeria’s Ahmadu Bello University. He holds a Ph.D. in Archaeology at the University of Ibadan, Ibadan, (Nigeria). Professor Gundu is a Fulbright Scholar and the current President of the Archaeological Association of Nigeria (AAN), a Fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants (Nigeria), Member, World Archaeological Congress, Member, Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria and Member, Society for the Philosophical Study of Education(USA).

Jeremy Webster

An experienced Management Consultant and non-executive Director, Jeremy works in change management, training and education. He has a well-developed expertise in international professional standards, ethics and qualifications, and plays an active role in the governance of the global Management Consultancy profession as a board member of the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes. He also acts as a lay adviser to the NHS where he chairs the board of a London-based medical school. Jeremy is a contributor to Masters’ programmes at a number of UK Universities, including Cranfield, Edinburgh, Brunel and Bath, and he led the UK’s participation in the development of ISO20700, the standard for Management Consultancy Services launched in 2017.

Professor Dr George Reiff

Professor Dr George Reiff Visiting Professor and Visiting Faculty at the Dubai Leadership Summit. He is a former Peace Ambassador for the Parliament Mondial from 2004 – December 2010. He has been involved in the development of communication between a broad range of countries like Gambia, Cambodia, Papua New Guinea, Thailand and Liberia. He has always been fascinated by the thought of a republican, democratic world-parliament based on the principles of liberty where countries are represented according to the number of their inhabitants, whereas smaller countries should nonetheless have their courtesy assembly man present as well.

Dr. Andrea Charles-Fidelis

Dr Andrea Charles-Fidelis is the founder of UK Digital Training Group, an internationally recognised organisation providing executive skills for employees, events and specialist workplace training in Business English and Content Marketing. Author of books: PostBrexit Trade can make ‘Ethics’ work for us, and ‘What my culture did to me’: How to Eradicate FGM Effectively- distributed by German Publishers Lambert Academic, Andrea combines rigorous academia with the latest cutting-edge marketing and communications industry insights to produce a compelling learning framework that helps businesses to optimise productivity and morale across the board. Her exemplary record as a UK Civil Servant for more than 13 years has secured her international Diplomatic Status in Nigeria for the Foreign & Commonwealth Office; Private Office Manager in DFID to Andrew Mitchell MP and more recently manager of multimillion pound International Projects in Turkey, Kazakhstan, Albania and Serbia for the UK Ministry of Justice in 2017.

Ukertor Gabriel Moti (Ph.D.)

Ukertor Gabriel Moti (Ph.D.) is a Professor of Public Administration in the Department of Public Administration, University of Abuja, Nigeria, specialising in Public Sector Management and Governance. A former Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Management Sciences, he has held several administrative positions in the University including membership of the University Senate representing the Faculty of Management Sciences. Prof. Moti is a Fellow of the Certified Public Administrators of England and Wales (FCPA), Fellow, Institute of Management Consultants (FIMC), Member, Committee for the International Conference on Management, Leadership and Governance (IMCLG), United Kingdom in addition to membership of several other professional bodies such as the African Association for Public Administration and Management (AAPAM). He has published over 30 articles in peer reviewed local and international academic journals. Prof. Moti is a notable public policy analyst in Nigeria. His research interests include Public Sector Management and Governance, Public Policy Analysis, and Development Administration. He is a regular participant at various international conferences where he has presented papers.

Dr. Cynthia Siona Ndeh

Dr Cynthia is an Academic Assessor at Chevening. She assesses students’ scholarship applications based on given funding requirements and assessment criteria using online assessment portal (ATS). She works closely with regional assessor and liaises with team leader on all matters relating to assessment. Dr Cynthia is also a proactive, supportive and enthusiastic lecturer in Business and Management related modules who is committed to the welfare, safeguarding and promotion of students. She possesses good confidence and enthusiasm for teaching, with proven experience and confidence in working with students from all backgrounds and good knowledge of the UK and Africa’s Education sectors. She has several publications in peer-reviewed journals including her most recent paper on Implementation of the International Labour Organization (ILO) 1998 Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work at the British Academy of Management Conference.

Mr. Etienne D. Odin

Mr. Etienne D. Odin (BA, Bachelor in English) is an assistant in the registrar’s office of Universidad Empresarial (UNEM). He has bachelor degrees from Emil Brunner University and Panamerican University and many years’ experience as data entry manager of UNESCO South America’s Higher Education Division. Etienne is also a higher education specialist and an interpreter for Spanish, English and German. He is an IT Consultant for ABITAB, one of the largest banks in Southern Latin America.

Dr. Shadrach Kohol

Dr. Kohol specialises in the organisational development and learning for professional people and their organisations. Kohol in collaboration with other London Graduate School faculty developed the regional leadership summits, which since 2006 remains a forum to inspire leaders to exchange ideas and opinions about practical leadership challenges and to benchmark good leadership practices. Many leaders and grassroots individuals from over 70 nations have met at these summits and the feedback shows evidence of their appreciation for knowledge and experience gained. Dr. Kohol holds prestigious academic degrees – a Ph.D. in Management from Cardiff Metropolitan University and an MBA (specialising in Finance) from the University of Wales Institute Cardiff. Dr Kohol’s influence has also spread to other educational bodies in London. For example, he is also serving as a Visiting Lecturer at the International Foundation Group London, where he teaches Business Management and Study Skills to students enrolled on the undergraduate and postgraduate programme. His literary skills and academic knowledge have flowed into several international journals.

Professor Jacinta Opara

Professor Opara is a renowned academic and Professor of Environmental Sciences. She has held top leadership positions at several institutions including her appointment as the Chairman, Institute of Policy Management Development (IPMD) and appointment as a full-time University Professor and Chair in Human Ecology at Kampala International University. She is a founding member of the Governing Council, MCSER and Member of the Scientific Board, two of the journals, respectively JESR and AJIS, are now indexed by Scopus. This is a feat in the academic status of any journal in the global community.

Dr. Tarun Pathak

Dr Pathak is the Proprietor/Chief Executive of Global-Study.Net. A full member of My Edagents – An online education fair connecting education agents, educational institutions and students. Dr Pathak has presented and spoken at numerous local and international events and has been a keynote speaker at many such top executive leadership and management seminars.


Prof Luca Sportelli

Prof Luca Sportelli works through International Studies Ltd as a contract Engineering lecturer working on Certifcate, Diploma, Bachelor, Master and Doctorate Engineering programs for a number of private and public universities.
He also is a consultant in accreditation activities related to University and professional Engineering courses carrying out audits in accordance with University and professional accreditation schemes. He has earned five Master of Engineering degrees (Civil and Structural, Oil and Gas, Mechanical – 2, Automotive and Mechanical) and three Doctorates (Mechanical Engineering, Marine Biology and Welding Engineering).
He is fluent in Italian and English, he is a Chartered Engineer (UK), a Member of the UK based Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) and in October 2019 he was awarded Fellow status with the UK based Institute of Material Minerals and Mining (IO3M) in recognition of his contribution in senior academic roles to education on and research and its exploitation in engineering industries.
He is a lead researcher in civil, mechanical and welding fields and he has published more than 100 works also related to assessment of new and emerging technologies and in education fields.