The PHD Programe requirements

The programme is for a duration of 24 to 36 months. Candidates who hold a master’s degree and who wish to extend the research carried out for the master’s programme may take less time to complete the degree. At all times, the end product of the research must result in original contribution to knowledge.

Applicants are normally required to hold a master’s degree.
Applicants are required to submit a research proposal.

Guide For Preparing a doctoral research proposal

For your guide, the proposal should not exceed three pages typed one-and-half spacing on A4 sized paper. Your Doctoral Research Proposal might usefully be organized into nine sections as follows:

Statement of the Problem
Statement of the Problem
Significance of the Study (including a mention of those who will benefit)
Previous Research and Developments in this field of study
Research Methods or Procedures (that you intend to use, i.e. library research, empirical research, etc including brief mention of the intended research instruments)
Tentative Hypotheses (tentatively, what will the study, try to show, or prove)
Expected Findings (if possible)
Tentative Conclusions and Implications

You will be expected to undertake some modules in the discipline. The final thesis should not less than 70,000 words focusing on the area of your preferred specialisation.


There are instances where students may be able to spend less time on the programme by a method called recognition of prior learning. Recognition of Prior Learning is a method of assessment (leading to the award of credit) that considers whether learners can demonstrate that they can meet the assessment requirements for a unit through knowledge, understanding of skills they already possess and so not need to develop through a course of learning.”

That way you will be exempted from doing certain courses on the programme.


If you decide to join the programme straight away, you will be required to send us the following documents to assess your suitability on the programme:

Duly signed and fully completed the Application Form
Copies of all diplomas, academic degrees, certificates and credentials awarded or issued by accredited or recognized colleges, universities, etc.
Copies of all transcripts, diploma supplement or student record
All applicants are required to provide a Resume or CV.
Passport Color Copy.
Picture (Passport Style in formal dress)


The programme is for a duration of 24 to 36 months.


The total cost of the PhD programme is US$9,500.