Corporate Social Responsibility For Leaders and Managers


This course provides a way for managers, professional leaders, policy makers, academic professionals and all employees to acquire in-depth insights and critical perspectives on companies’ Corporate Responsibility strategies and the knowledge to implement them.

Corporate Social Responsibility aims at addressing the impact that organisations have on society, the environment and the economy. It is increasingly regarded as one of the most influential non-financial indicators of a company’s development, operating style and brand image.

Who should attend

Executives involved in strategic and operational functions
Senior and Middle Management involved in corporate governance or change management
HR personnel at all levels
Corporate lawyers aiming to improve their understanding of the legal requirements and trends relating to corporate responsibility
All personnel involved in communications, business strategy, supplier and community relations, sustainability, governmental affairs


The programme emphasizes modern management training techniques of group discussion, case analysis, management games and faculty-led discussions.

Key Topics

What is CSR?

Introductory presentation introducing the topic, its relevance and importance

What are the elements of CSR?

This includes domains of CSR, social media and communications, technology, the global village.
We could cover the business excellence model here.

Applying standards to CSR

Should we have standards or leave it up to the organisation/ context?
ISO 26000?

Objectives of CSR

Describe the outcomes expected of a good CSR programme

Key CSR stakeholders

Who is affected and benefits from a CSR initiative? Stakeholder activism eg XARA, Monsanto, Sweatshops Stakeholder and organisational spheres of influence

CSR is not CSI

Teach a person to fish, don’t keep giving him a fish – empowering societies to look after themselves

Ethical issues relating to CSR

What is the relationship between CSR and ethical responsibility? Is CSR merely a necessity or do leaders actually believe in what they are doing?
Cover the concept of Trust

CSR and citizen empowerment

What are the considerations for citizen / local community empowerment?

The leader’s role in CSR

What should leaders do regarding CSR?
What is considered leading practice?

Key CSR strategies and tips

What strategies can be applied?
Which work best?
What are the contextual considerations?

CSR case studies

Some case studies regarding good practice

How does sustainability feature in CSR?

This covers the green issues, environment, pollution, etc

Preferential procurement as a CSR strategy

How does preferential procurement form part of a CSR strategy?

Entrepreneurial development as a CSR strategy

Does entrepreneurship play a role in your sector?
Key considerations and actions

Developing a CSR plan

What should be in the plan and how is it to be developed?

Developing your CSR plan

Delegates will be asked to work in groups to develop outlines for their CSR strategy. They will be grouped according to common challenges and sectors to obtain the optimum benefit from the exercise.

They will be asked to present their plan to the other groups.

Summit Date

December 14-15, 2022 (Arrivals December, 2022)


from 9am – 5pm

Summit Location

Jacob’s Garden Hotel, Rolla Street, Bur, Dubai, UAE

Summit Fee:

USD5,500 covering tuition, seminar materials, conference bag, tea,