About Us

About Us

The Commonwealth University is a corporate professional private distance learning university registered in the City of Panama. It Is a non-traditional university that is globally focused and has its international office in London at the London Graduate School office. The Articles of Charter under which the Commonwealth University operates grant the institution the general and specific powers to operate as a university promoting learning, research and excellence.

The Commonwealth University has appointed the London Graduate School (www.londongs.co.uk)as its official tuition provider and administrator of its academic activities.

​The Commonwealth University is dedicated to inspiring hope for learners, inspiring Excellence among working managers, Professionals, leaders and administrators through:

  1. Distance Learning Courses
  2. Continuing Education/Executive Development Courses
  3. University-Industry Cooperation
  4. Recognizing Excellence and Achievements
  5. Knowledge Management and Consultancy
  6. Publishing the works of members of the University Community
  7. Collaboration with other universities/colleges and Professional associations to deliver courses/programmes.
  8. Advocacy to influence public policy on education and, especially, to increase public perception of open distance learning.

Mission Statement

We provide quality flexible career-driven, distance learning, open learning and innovative executive education programmes that are designed to empower individuals to become or remain knowledgeable, competent, expert advisers/consultants in their respective disciplines, and to produce graduates that are responsive and responsible citizens who value education as a lifelong process.

Our Vision

To be the most preferred career-driven open learning higher education institution among managers, administrators, professionals and private sector operators within the British Commonwealth.

Earn a Degree in Your Own Field by Distance Learning

The Commonwealth University specializes in capacity building degree level and executive education programmes designed to assist its graduates to be more effective on their jobs and to be proactive citizens in their communities.

At the Commonwealth University you can get six distinctive benefits:

  1. You study completely at home by distance learning and from anywhere, at your own pace.
  2. You learn skills and gain knowledge that is in high demand.
  3. You gain knowledge that you can apply immediately to your job and life situations.
  4. We give you tips on how to succeed in life.
  5. We serve our diverse clients and students through distance learning and short executive education seminars and workshops.
  6. The Commonwealth University maintains a good team of experts who are highly regarded professionals and academics, tried and tested practitioners. Their job is to assist you actively and mentor you through your study in the most efficient and client-focused manner to enable you to achieve your degree.

With the Commonwealth University, you are in good hands. We invite you to enrol today, and we promise that your life and career will change for the better.