Convocation & Graduation

Convocation & Graduation

During each Leadership Summit, distance learning graduates of the Commonwealth University shall have the opportunity to formally graduate in a colourful ceremony. This will be a formal graduation/conferment of degrees to graduates who have completed study programs of the University.

Honorary Doctor of The University Degrees

The Commonwealth University is empowered to grant honorary degree awards to deserving candidates. Interested candidates must be:

  1. Persons of Integrity.
  2. Persons who have contributed in any way in the development of their community in a significant manner.
  3. Successful persons in business, politics or any field of human endeavour.
  4. Persons who are willing to support the philosophy of life-long learning and distance learning by contributing to the Endowment Fund of the Commonwealth University.


If you are interested, or you wish to nominate someone for the Honorary Doctor of the University Award, you can write in confidence to by completing the Nomination Form.